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The Situationist City book

The Situationist City by Simon Sadler

The Situationist City

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The Situationist City Simon Sadler ebook
ISBN: 0262193922, 9780585028286
Page: 352
Format: djvu

New Babylon - the situationist city/utopia – taking the best parts and ideas of the globe and putting/patterning them together. (McDonough “Situationist Space,” pg. Psychogeography: Situationist Reconnaissance for Revolution: Part 1. June 4th Simon Sadler, The Situationist City. Derive and Detournement: call back to situationism. The Situationist International, led by Guy Debord and central to the Paris uprising in May 1968, published many incendiary texts on politics and art in the journal Internationale Situationniste. 'We demand games with great seriousness', that is the core essence of my research, can we still play (or were we ever able) to play with seriousness? 3:AM: I think you say in The Spectacle of Disintegration that détournement is perhaps the Situationists' greatest strategic legacy, but I wonder whether you'd agree that the dérive is a useful strategy for negotiating the networked environment, or what you called the One is the internet itself which was a kind of wild west area, and the other was about networking together across various cities, we'd travel around and visit each other and form temporary associations. In reading and reviewing McKenzie Wark's The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International, I couldn't help but think about the practice of art in the city of Detroit. The Situationists' focus on the city has been central to McDonough's choice of documents. He seeks to redefine notions of the Situationists' urban critique, arguing that instead it persisted throughout the group's duration. Tags: ambiance, city, cyborg, derive, detournement, flaneur, haptic, modernity, situationism, space, utopia. In fact, I would argue that this definition of Open Source Urbanism dates back to the Situationist city of Unitary Urbanism, where urban dynamics would no longer be driven by bureaucracy and capitalism but by participation.

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